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Boring Media Group is based in Albuquerque, NM.  We are able to produce most any type of work projects using the very latest techniques and equipment in digital high-definition quality. We do post editing, design, and full production up to today's current broadcast standards or beyond, at 4K standards.  Check out some of our videos on our YouTube Channel featuring Aerial videography using our fleet of current "drone" technologies.

We are always updating our equipment and tactics to keep up with the current industry standards. We also partner with numerous other production companies to keep projects going out on time and on par with larger more expensive firms.  Our photography has evolved from landscapes and family portraits to aerial photography projects and most recently sports projects specifically MMA related.  Trust us with your video or photography projects and together we can produce powerful and memorable projects.

About The CEO Mark Aragon

I was born and raised in Albuquerque, NM and continue to reside here now.  I became interested in video production while working as a police officer in the Albuquerque Police Department.  Our police department had an internal video production unit for many years, but when the man who did it for several years abruptly retired, the Chief of Police at the time asked if I could take over the video production for the department, and not only take it over but turn it into a daily newscast instead of the monthly one.

During my career I had been asked by the Police Academy Lieutenant to produce some cadet videos showing the rigorous training regimen that the cadets went through on a daily basis and I was excited to record the pain which I had once endured many, many years before.  I recorded everything from their boxing day, to them running miles on city streets, and through rugged mountain trails, to getting pepper sprayed, and tasered.  I filmed them at the shooting range and at the driving track, at their worst and at their best.  Once I gathered the six months of footage I produced an end of academy graduation video which was shown to friends and family at the graduation ceremony to show them exactly what they had gone through for those long months.

I produced several years worth of videos all of which can be viewed at my Youtube channel. I am currently producing videos for the annual awards banquet which APD puts on for all the staff sworn and civilian at the end of every year.

In 2014 we were hired by world famous Coach Mike Winkeljohn of Jackson Wink MMA Academy to produce a promo video for his family gym to get more interest in the family end of martial arts and its benefits.  At the time I knew nothing about coach Wink or Mixed Martial Arts as it was not something I really paid attention to.  At one point Coach Wink asked if I could gather some footage of his pro fighters at his pro gym near the rough part of town which I had worked on patrol before.  When I entered, Coach Wink pointed out fighters such as Diego Sanchez, Andrei Arlovski, Holly Holm, Jon Jones, John Dodson, Cody East, Carlos Condit, and countless others, but I had no idea of who they were.  I think coach Wink may have liked that I had no clue who these warriors were because I wouldn’t bother them as a fan.  Needless to say I continue to work for Coaches Winkeljohn and Greg Jackson at their new Pro gym in downtown Albuquerque, which I am proud to say I had a small hand in designing and molding it into the even more fascinating MMA gym it has become.  I am proud to be the one who has all access to film and photograph some of the greatest fighters, coaches and athletes in the world. 


I have also worked with numerous other producers big and small, making documentaries and small films.  I mostly enjoy the 48 hour projects which are done every year and becoming part of those teams is always extremely rewarding.  I now operate two small production LLC’s based locally.  One I own with a partner called Motions8, and the other is newer one called MA2 (my initials).  Now, that I am retired from law enforcement I have much more time to get even more creative with my projects and learn more and more about every facet of the business.  


Please visit my YouTube Channel and SUBSCRIBE as I am always adding new entertaining projects.




- Mark Aragon - 

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